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My perspective, my creativity and my heart are all grounded in my family. Photography initially was a way for me to bond with my dad when I was young. What once was a bonding activity, quickly developed into something much deeper and meaningful for me. Photography was a way to be creative, to stop time, and to visually showcase stories. I love nothing more than being a photographer - it is truly the greatest honor in the world. 

My photography style is inspired by modern photojournalism, old world charm, and the people I photograph. I strive to understand each one of my couple's story in depth in order to create imagery that is authentic and meaningful to them.

I would absolutely love to chat over coffee or a cocktail to learn more about you and how I can help bring your story to life.

Hello, I'm Kaitlyn!

things i love

My favorite places I've traveled to have been Costa Rica and Colombia. The dream is to visit Italy and Greece in the near future!


My favorite spot in the world. I feel at peace, renewed and happy!

the ocean

I'm the kind of girl who can eat breakfast for all three meals. My absolute favorite dish is eggs Benedict. Anna's House in Grand Rapids has the best around!

eggs benedict

Learning and growing both personally and professionally while feeling the texture of each page turn... I love it! My favorite reads are "Start With Why" by Simon Sinek and "You Were Born To Win" by Zig Ziglar.

a good book

Everything I do is inspired by these incredible people I am lucky enough to call my family. They are my support system, my cheerleaders and my rock. I would not be as successful or who I am today without their love and support throughout my entire life. I love them more than words can ever describe. 

My foundation.

My family

I love trying new foods! Exploring new restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries is one of my favorite things to do.


I absolutely love living in Grand Rapids. There is no where else like West Michigan!



I have the most adorable cat named Mesa (named after the city I was born in Arizona). 

My photography career initially began in the sports industry! My client list included the Detroit Lions, Bauer Hockey, Dallas Cowboys, West Virginia University and many others.


A few more fun facts about me



Let's Make it a Wonderful Experience

Because your story deserves to be told in the best, most authentic way.

Let's chat!

- Sophia S.

Kaitlyn is the sweetest person ever! She prioritizes her clients and their experience. I am so appreciative of Kaitlyn and her kindness and it is obvious that she genuinely loves her job. Her experience is more than I would’ve ever dreamed of.

more than I would've ever dreamed of






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