I have a deep love and appreciation for all things that get better with age. Red wine, antiques, friendships, and most importantly... photographs. 

Photos memorialize the faces, places, emotions, connections, and milestones that shape our lives. As your love grows with each wedding anniversary, so do the stories embedded in your photos. It is the greatest honor to capture your day full of love and celebration and ensure that your legacy is preserved throughout the ages.

Hello, I'm Kaitlyn!

things i love

I've practiced my Spanish speaking first hand in South America, attempted to surf in Costa Rica and have dreams of enjoying fresh pasta in Italy one day.


"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."
- Jacques Cousteau

the ocean

I'm the kind of girl who can eat breakfast for all three meals. Give me Eggs Benedict all day everyday - I would never get sick of it!

eggs benedict

In a world full of  constantly changing technology and touchscreens, I love holding something that hasn't changed for a hundreds of years - a hardcover book.

a good book

I love trying new foods! Exploring new restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries is one of my favorite things to do.


I absolutely love living in Grand Rapids. There is no where else like West Michigan!



I have the most adorable cat named Mesa (named after the city I was born in Arizona). 

My photography career initially began in the sports industry! My client list included the Detroit Lions, Bauer Hockey, Dallas Cowboys, West Virginia University and many others.


A few more fun facts about me



how will your love story be remembered?

Preserve your legacy both in your hearts and in your hands.

Let's get started

- Sophia S.

Kaitlyn is the sweetest person ever! She prioritizes her clients and their experience. I am so appreciative of Kaitlyn and her kindness and it is obvious that she genuinely loves her job. Her experience is more than I would’ve ever dreamed of.

more than I would've ever dreamed of






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Kaitlyn Cole Photography is a Grand Rapids based wedding photographer serving couples who believe in authenticity and legacy worldwide.