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Meet Kaitlyn

I've always been obsessed with storytelling. That's honestly why I chose photography as my career! If done correctly, stories move mountains and change hearts. The impact they have on people and myself is such a powerful thing.  

I believe your story as a business owner is worth telling. Why are you an entrepreneur? Why do you love what you do? To put it bluntly, a photo of you smiling at your laptop will not tell your story. Instead, my goal is to go deep into learning everything about your brand and to create compelling storylines to communicate who you are and what you do to your ideal audience.

Let's grab an iced coffee or a cocktail together and discuss the vision you have for your incredible brand! I would absolutely love to work with you - because your story is worth telling.

Hello, I'm Kaitlyn!


I.  You're a small business owner DRIVEN by your goals and THRIVES on offering exceptional services or products to your clients

II.  You're tired of having only iPhone images, photos that don't match in lighting and color and don't COMMUNICATE THE MESSAGE you're trying to tell

III.  You're STARTING a new business or completely REBRANDED your current business

IV.  You've been using the same five photos for past TEN YEARS



the next step

I want to get to know you as a person, to learn the inspiration that lead to you creating a business and learn about the goals you have!  

Grab a glass of cabernet, an espresso or your drink of choice and let’s chat!

let’s CHAT


the next step

Once you complete the booking process, I'll send you a detailed questionnaire that goes deeper than the surface. This is where we go deep in learning your story, your goals and who want to communicate to.

and now the fun begins!

the Questionnaire


the next step

After extensive research and looking through your questionnaire, I'll compile impactful storylines I think would be best to capture at your session. We will brainstorm together and get our plan finalized! 

Let's plan and let the ideas overflow

pre-session MEETING


the next step

80% of our hard work is done! Now it's time to have some fun and create those custom images that are specific for YOUR business and YOUR business only! 

Time for some fun! 



the next step

About 3 weeks after your photo session, you'll receive your full digital gallery with the high resolutions images AND images optimized for social networking (so they don't slow down your website)!

your custom, creative images are ready! 

gallery DELIVERY


the next step

Whether it's sharing for email marketing, book covers, social media, website, magazine pages or anything else... you finally have images that clearly represent who you are and what you do with the world! 

put those brand photos to work!

time to SHARE!


If your home or office isn't ideal for your shoot, we will brainstorm location options together. Grand Rapids has some great places we can rent out! Otherwise, I recommend looking at VRBO, AirBNB, homestudiolist.com, local venues, a friend's home, hotel or Peerspace.

what if i don't have an attractive office?

Yes. Your brand experience comes with the high resolution images AND images optimized for social networking. Use the images optimized for social networking on places like your social media and especially your website so the photos don't slow down your website!

do i get the high resolution images?

do you travel?

You will receive your images within 3 weeks of your photo session. This will allow me to carefully go through each photo and make sure I am giving you the best quality. If you'd like your photos expedited, there is an additional $200 fee.

when do i get my photos back?

Yes! I want you to have photos that are specific and unique to your business and help you stand out from the crowd. In order to achieve this, I've created a questionnaire that takes a deep dive into your business, your why and who you're speaking to. Next is the pre-session call where I explain my ideas for your session! We'll iron out all the details and be ready for the day of the photo session!

do I help plan my session?

You can use your photos anywhere you'd like! I've had my clients use them on their Instagram feed, website, magazines and so much more! Before your session, I will ask if you have any specific places you'd like to use your photos and tailor my approach to fit your needs!

where can i use my photos?

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! I love to make it easy and nice for my clients to photograph them in the place they call home. While I live in Grand Rapids, I travel all over the country. During our call, I will provide you with a custom travel quote which will include car and possibly flight and hotel costs.



- Ryan Grilz

Working with Kaitlyn was a superb experience on ALL levels. She was punctual, detailed, highly professional and has an unique ability to make you feel valued. I have personally and professionally worked with numerous photographers and hands down she is THE BEST.

She captured the essence of who I am holistically; this is highly important to maintain and build a reputable brand. She has a necessary scrupulous eye to arrange and structure photography sets so you are left with nothing but quality content you can have for a lifetime.

Hands down, she is the best



- Chris Webb

I was nervous about doing a branding session. Photos are so permanent, especially when they’re going to go online. Kaitlyn kept the session positive and stress free. She had so many creative ideas on how to portray the things that are important to me as an individual AND as a consultant. She was on time, professional, and able to “go with the flow” when the weather didn’t cooperate. I’d strongly recommend her for all of these qualities on top of the fact that all the photos she took turned out beautifully!!

she had so many creative ideas




Kaitlyn is more than a photographer! She is a moment catcher. She knows how and when to capture that perfect second of a photo. My whole session with Kaitlyn was so on point; from the intake form, to the discovery call of what we wanted; to the details when taking the photos, to the final shots showing up in my inbox so quickly. She has perfected the art of brand photography and I highly recommend having her capture your perfect self too.





Branding collections begin at $1200.
I create custom collections for each and every one of my clients.
For more details on pricing and availability, please contact me. 

let's work together

Tell your story